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Elinchrom Litemotiv Parabolic 120


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Available to rent or test drive. Email to connect with our dedicated team, who will promptly assist you. Experience the confidence of a 'try before you buy' approach, with a generous 50% rental fee refund. Your satisfaction is our priority. Learn more.

Elinchrom Softboxes are compatible with many flash brands - Add a Bracket!

Elinchrom Litemotiv Parabolic Softboxes come without a bracket to give you the flexibility to chose one that suits you. Please select your desired bracket from the options below before you head to checkout:

The Litemotiv Parabolic produces the perfect circular catch-light!

Introducing the Elinchrom Litemotiv range, the parabolic extension to Elinchrom's Rotalux Deep Octa 70 and 100cm softboxes. These 16 sided softboxes produce close to perfect circular catch-lights, and utilises a heavy duty bracket for the precise and easy positioning of any head (sold separately).

  • Exclusive fabric for exceptional light quality
  • Sixteen sided softboxes, creating close to perfect catchlights
  • Anodised rod colour coding for faster assembly
  • Brackets are available for Elinchrom, Broncolor, Profoto and Bowens
  • Removable rear cover for easier setup and shoot-through functionality
  • Two diffusers, inner and outer, for perfectly soft diffusion
  • Without these diffusers, can be used as a giant beauty dish
  • Unique to Elinchrom, deflectors fine tune the Litemotiv effect (sold separately)
  • Available in 120 and 190 cm
Improved Durability:

The new material used in the Litemotiv softboxes is more durable than the Elinchrom Rotalux range. Improved heat and tear resistance ensures the longevity of your Litemotiv. Furthermore, a removable central ring of soft box material (the area closest to your flash head) allows for heat dissipation during extensive use of hot modelling lights, and can be replaced at a fraction of the softbox price should it get damaged.

More Efficient:

The fabric of the Litemotiv softboxes is unique. It offers 30% more light output than Elinchrom's standard Rotalux fabric, also used for Portalite, while being just as lightweight. Get the most out of your flash heads with Litemotiv!

Double Diffusion:

The double diffusion panels have been specially designed to produce very soft light. The inner diffuser also incorporates a central circular panel to avoid any hotspot, thus offering the most homogenous light possible. It is possible to remove both diffusers to obtain a very crispy and contrasty light, similar to beauty dish... but much bigger!

Shoot Through Capability:

Removable rear cover allows for easy setup and shoot through capability.  

Each soft box comes equipped with a velcro attachable inner diffuser and front diffuser. Use both together to create a beautiful soft light source, or remove the front diffuser (or both) to get a beauty dish style lighting effect. We recommend adding an Elinchrom Deflector set to your Litemotiv, to open up a variety of creative option.

Litemotivs come in two sizes, 120cm Deep and 190cm Deep

Size:120cm Deep
Type:Parabolic Softbox

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