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Lighttools CU 1.0 30 degree Grid for Elinchrom 100cm Octa

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Lighttools are the original and best soft eggcrate grids. The original grids must be used in conjunction with the appropriately sized strech frame. This CU model focuses the light to a point approximately 1m in front of the softbox. Because your subject is illuminated by the whole surface (no occlusion) Lighttools grids are handmade to order, we keep a small selection in stock, but generally delivery time is roughly 14 days. Please check availability before ordering. The CU Focus Soft Egg Crates use specially angled cells to: ¥ Provide full-source illumination at close distances. ¥ Avoid spill in the most confined spaces by tightly blocking light around the desired subject. The Lighttools Soft Egg Crates are the benchmark in softbox grid technology. They are made with the highest quality materials, by skilled technicians. They are guaranteed against defects in material and workmanship. All Lighttools products come with a 6 year manufacturer warranty. Through the use of uniform parallel cells, these grids both reduce spill, by blocking off-axis light at right angles to the diffuser, and reduce the the near-to-far light ratio. As a result more even lighting occurs due to increased 'occlusion' by the cells at closer distances. This also allows you to create seperation and depth in your lighting, as well as eliminating spill and flare from the light source. Cell size, measured in degrees, describes the maximum angle of the off-axis light. A 30¡ Soft Egg Crate is the narrowest available, and gives you the greatest ability to aggressively control light. At the same time this model creates the most significant occlusion at close distances. The 50¡ is the widest cell size and, therefore, is the most modest light blocking tool. The Lighttools system works in conjunction with a custom designed Lighttools one-piece Stretch Frame. This provides increased rigidity to eliminate sag, giving you complete control, regardless of how much your softbox is angled downward. Stretch Frames are a one-piece, collapsible ÒframeÓ that are constructed with the usual high standards of all Lighttools products. When inserted into the softbox, the Stretch Frame creates rigid sides to keep the Lighttools Soft Egg Crate taut for 100% efficiency. These lightweight, quick assemble frames are essential when using grids on larger softboxes. The Lighttools Stretch Frame fits securely onto the Elinchrom softbox. The Soft Egg Crate then fits into the Stretch Frame with a hook and loop connection.