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PocketWizard Plus IIIe Transceiver Bonus Bundle

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PocketWizard Plus IIIe Transceiver Bonus Bundle

Bonus Transceiver bundle with rock-solid reliability

Two enhanced and reliable transceivers for higher performance on remote flash and camera triggering.

The Plus IIIe features 32 channels that are all Quad-Zone triggering and easily setup – perfect for photographers working in busy environments such as sports arenas or wedding halls. Operate the devices with ease in busy situations, the Plus IIIe has a simple and intuitive user interface with the soft-touch keypad and the backlit LCD (2.5cm), to conveniently view the screen in dark environments. You can take photos faster than ever at 14.5fps with the High-Speed Receive (HSR) feature – this mode can boost FPS triggering compatibility for any flash.

The Quad-Zone triggering allows you to wirelessly activate or deactivate your remote flashes or cameras in 4 separately controllable zones: A, B, C, or D – perfect for operating multiple cameras and flash setups from afar. When set to TxRx, the Auto-Sensing technology will automatically switch between transmitter and receiver modes for greater flexibility on the job. In ideal conditions, this device can range up to 950 meters (3000 ft) and 5 miles in Long Range Mode – to extend the range in challenging shoots, you can place a Plus III in repeater mode (RP) between devices.

E release firmware radios are fully compatible with legacy firmware PocketWizard models by switching them via the PocketWizard Utility software.

Key Features

  • 32 channels – all with Quad-Zone triggering
  • Simple user interface
  • High-Speed Receive – captures up to 14.5 fps
  • Auto-Sensing transceiver – Switches between transmit and receive as necessary
  • Long-range mode available
  • Range up to 950M
  • Kit includes two radios and a G-Wiz Squared bag

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