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Tether Tools Smart Shooter 4

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The Best Tethered Capture Utility Just Got Better

Key Features:

  • Supports Canon, Sony and Nikon Cameras
  • Mac and Windows support
  • High-performance tethering engine
  • Exceptional reliability
  • Automatic download and display
  • Shoot to camera card, computer or both
  • Supports RAW and JPG
  • Live View display including overlay mode

Smart Shooter provides tethered capture for most Canon, Sony and Nikon cameras utilizing a reworked user interface, to provide speed and performance for your tethering needs. Backed by Tether Tools support, we believe Smart Shooter is the best in class tether utility.

Smart Shooter allows you to fully control your camera from your Mac or PC, giving you freedom to explore and experiment to help make the perfect picture. Automatic download and display means you can fully evaluate your photos in seconds, and real time live view output will help you focus and compose the scene. Scripting language lets you control your camera, allowing you to take multiple photos with varying settings just by clicking a single button.

Smart Shooter is aimed at both the professional and amateur photographer.

Smart Shooter 4 and Smart Shooter 4 Pro boxes next to each other

All New in Smart Shooter 4

Smart Shooter Capture Panels

Capture Panels

The Capture Tab now features configurable panels that allow for advanced tethering features like multiple loupe views, filmstrip photo preview, and zoomed live view.

Updated Smart Shooter User Interface

Updated High Contrast Icons

A new set of high contrast icons have replaced the existing icons to make it easier to identify features at a glance. Additional user interface changes make the tether capture experience better.

Smart Shooter Capture Panels

Improved Transfer Speed and Reliability

Smart Shooter is continually improved upon for speed and rendering capabilities. Smart Shooter 4 features a number of improvements that take it from great to exceptional.

Film Strip View

Filmstrip View

The Recent Photos list has been updated with an all-new Filmstrip panel. Now you can visually see thumbnails of previous photos taken and quickly switch between them in the main Preview panel.

Upgrade to Smart Shooter 4 PRO

Create Your Own Scripts

Create Your Own Scripts

Smart Shooter 4 PRO can be driven from a script, giving you the ability to change camera settings and control when photos are taken. This allows you to take a series of different photos without manual operation of the camera or computer.

Multi-Camera Control

Multi-Camera Control

Smart Shooter allows you to connect multiple cameras to your computer at the same time. The interface allows you to select which camera is currently being controlling and hence will be affected by changes to settings and other commands.

Barcode Scanning

Barcode Scanning

Smart Shooter 4 PRO has the ability to scan a photo and detect if it contains a barcode or QR code, and extract the text information from it. This text can then be used as part of the filename when saving the photo.

External API

External API

Smart Shooter 4 PRO can be integrated with an external system by using the External API feature. This provides ways to integrate Smart Shooter with your existing software systems.

Smart Shooter Users Guide,