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Elinchrom Large 105cm White / Translucent 2 in 1 Umbrella



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Elinchrom Umbrellas - Unsurpassed Quality, Affordable Price.

Umbrellas are renowned for their ease and speed of use, but not all umbrella systems are equal. The wide-angle internal reflector within each Elinchrom light source smoothly illuminates the complete surface of all umbrellas. Contributing to this is the exceptional quality of Elinchrom's carefully selected fabrics. Once combined with the unique central umbrella tube location on Elinchrom flash heads, these elements together deliver an affordable quality of light which is unsurpassed.

This shallow white umbrella with its highly reflective cover is often chosen for its slightly warmer tones and softer shadow transition. When the reflective cover is removed this converts into a translucent umbrella offering a choice between shoot-through and reflected use. This shallow umbrella in reflecting mode offers a wider, less directional spread of even illumination. The difference between the two can easily be seen in the catch-light of any reflective surface.

Elinchrom 2 in 1 umbrellas come in two sizes; 85cm and 105cm. The 85cm version is the more portable of the two. The 105cm by comparison at the same distance from the subject, offers a slightly softer result with a larger catch-light in any reflective surface.

Elinchrom Umbrellas are delivered with a sleeve for transport and protection.

  • 2-in-1 umbrella with removable cover
  • White for soft look Translucent for a wide light spread
  • Heat resistant fabric
  • Wide spread of light
  • Approximately 105cm point to point
  • 7mm shaft
  • Includes Umbrella Sleeve

Unsure which umbrella to go for? Head over to our blog HERE, for more information and a side by side comparison of the different lighting effects created by each Elinchrom umbrella.

Size:105 cm
Type:Lighting Umbrella
Compatability:7mm Shaft. Multi-Brand Compatibility

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