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Customer Testimonials

A love letter to TFC:
I have been using The Flash Centre for many years, and it is one of the onlysuppliers that I have stayed faithful too. The staff go far beyond helpful in all departments. The hire department are very insightful and make very useful suggestions to alternative equipment and also help with setting up and testing equipment that is alien to you. The sales department are exceptionally honest and frank in regards to equipment and their knowledge is second to none. I have used the technical support department only a couple of times, but the speed they work if pronominal. All ranks of the staff from sales to manager, to owner are all a pleasure to deal with and nothing is too much trouble and no one is unapproachable. I shall be using The Flash Centre for many years to come.

Dr Andy Gotts MBE MA FBIPP

The flash centre is the only place I will buy or hire my lighting or camera equipment from. This is not just because they sell the best quality equipment but they give great advice, help when ever they can even over the phone mid shoot. If I have equipment that need repairing they have always given me free of charge replacement kit to keep me going until my own kit is returned. I have yet to find any other supplier who treats you in such a way. When you become a Flash Centre customer it also feels like you become part of the Flash Centre family.
They may not always be as cheap as online suppliers but in the long run the service they provide gives peace of mind as my business has never suffered due to the support they give.

Keiron Nevison

The Flash Centre London team are professional, knowledgeable and most of all passionate. I always feel genuinely looked after with the guys going out out their way on many occasions. TFC is the closest thing to a family run lighting company as you can get! Love em!

Uzo Oleh

I've been buying and hiring equipment from The Flash Centre for around five years and couldn't speak more highly of the service and support I've received. From advice on complex studio work to accommodating me and going the extra mile at short notice, all supplied with some biscuits and a smile. There's no better pro photography supplier in the UK.

Stuart Whipps

Stuart Whipps

The Flash Centre makes my job that little bit easier, not only with their professionalism and always having the best of great products, but also with their welcoming presence in store and willing to help whatever your needs may be. They are a part of my team that I can't go without.

Jenny Brough

Seriously speaking and not just a chum thing, without you guys, your support, technical knowledge and the bucket loads of kindness and professional understanding, my job would be almost impossible.
Its difficult to number all the times you dug me out of the mire and gone the several steps further that the internet will never do, but I don't believe I've ever thanked you enough for being there, so here it is, in writing: THANK YOU TFC, top geezers all of you.

Paul Cordwell

(Appreciative customer since 1983)

I have been using The Flash Centre for all of my photography kit hire and purchases for many years now,. They are always extremely helpful, in-fact they bend over backwards to provide the perfect pro photo kit service. and never let you down. The staff are particully helpful to if ever I have needed a word of advice about this or that piece of kit.
I have been buying and hiring kit for over 30 years and to be honest I would choose The Flash Centre over the other well know pro kit retailers in the UK.

Bruce Smith

The Flash Centre has supplied my photography business with Elichrom flash lighting for several years. I have both purchased and hired from them and the service has always been great! Nothing is ever too much trouble and are happy to give advice when needed, something you can’t get from retailers who just have an online store.

Simon Vine

I'd like to say how much I appreciate the back up services you give me! When any of my Rangers go down.... its reassuring to know that you'll lend me a replacement FOC while they're being fixed*. Maybe I could buy kit cheaper but the backup service you provide far outweighs any saving I might make. Thanks!

Monty Rakusen

The Flash Centre is more than just a photographic equipment shop and Russ & Graham in the Leeds branch are (for me) what make The Flash Centre better than any online website out there. The service that I have received for over ten years now is second to none. Always on the cutting edge of ever changing photographic technology, Russ & Graham have offered background support, information and advice whenever I've needed it. Faceless online websites which although sometimes a little bit cheaper don't & can't give you the friendly help, service & knowledge that I get from TFC. For me the price isn't the most important decision, it's the fact that if I have any questions or issues they are always there to help with their brilliant inside knowledge. Thanks for a decade of friendly support. I look forward to the next decade.

Helen Turton

Service from The Flash Centre really is second to none - sure, you might be able to buy gear for a couple of quid less but you'll never find backup support like this. They know their stuff and offer sound advice and practical help. I've often had equipment personally demonstrated for me, taken advantage of free sensor cleaning** and have received free loan gear when my stuff has gone in for repair*... If The Flash Centre sell what I'm looking for I'm always really happy to buy from them. Thanks chaps!

Jim Varney

*Free loan during warranty repair for Elinchrom items
**Free loan during repair and sensor cleaning included with TFC Pro-Support Package

Buying from the Flash Centre is like having AA cover for the car, when things go wrong you need that emergency help, and the Flash Centre is that fourth emergency service for photographers. I bought the Canon 5D MkII when it came out, and was working up at Glen Eagles in Scotland with my assistant, who left the 5D on a surface that had a slope on it and a few seconds later the camera fell onto concrete, some of the operations still worked, but some was seriously damaged. The Flash Centre loaned a rental 5D for the two and half weeks same was at Canon's repair station. The bit extra I paid for buying the camera from the Flash Centre, saved me hundreds of pounds in hire charges…** To have a team of people there who give help, advice and support is priceless, so buying a camera, lens, accessory that costs a slight premium over a faceless warehouse that just shifts boxes, is money well spent. So support the real professional camera suppliers, support The Flash Centre.

Andrew Barrett

(Professional Photographer for 27 years)

I've bought all of my Canon equipment from TFC and won't go anywhere else! The level of service and knowledge I get from the guys in Leeds is unbeatable. Any time I've had an issue of a problem it gets sorted FAST! I had to send my Canon EOS 1DX and 50mm f1.2 lens in for a service and borrowed TFC's demo units for the week it was gone**. Invaluable!... TFC don't just sell you equipment, they give you a level of service and support that you just don't find anywhere else. Good job lads!

John Iredale

Great service and renting some times is damn cheaper than buying it – PERIOD, also if you have a problem they will bend over backwards to sort it out (10/10 guys).

Ian Sheard

I can honestly say that of the Canon 1Ds1, 1Ds2, 5D's and several lenses bought from TFC over the past few years any possible "cheapest price deal" or internet savings elsewhere have been out weighed a few times over by the loan of equipment, sensor cleans**, jobs not having to be cancelled, peace of mind etc. One thing that's hard to put a price on though is technical advice, but it's what you get at TFC.

Graham Mathers

Having your camera in repair for a few weeks isn't a fun experience, but The Flash Centre have always bent over backwards to cover my needs with a free loan camera**. They're always at the end of the phone for any technical queries and have got me out of some tricky corners when I'm up against it on a shoot. - They're a valuable support to my business!

Kate Abbey

If something goes wrong and you need a loan camera the advantage of having somebody on the phone or email that knows you, what you shoot and your gear means that when problems do arise as they ALWAYS do, you can still deliver to your client and potentially save yourself thousands and your reputation.

Rory Barber

...The very first lighting kit I ever purchased at beginning of my career was from Brian and Kev at The Flash Centre, Birmingham. It's 10 years later, and I have never had a reason to shop elsewhere for my kit. Their personal service, help and technical support is second to none.

Richard Miles

I buy all my professional gear from The Flash Centre. The service is always efficient, friendly and they go the extra mile. If I need to purchase anything new, they are always my first choice, even if the price is a little higher I know what priceless service comes with that. For me it is a two way loyalty.

Timm Sonnenschein

TFC Birmingham have been looking after me for several years, from starting out at Uni, through assisting and now trying to break out and go it alone in the industry.
They are always on hand and available when hiring gear and there's plenty of time's they've 'got me out of trouble'.
I look forward to dealing with them for many years to come.

Ian Davies

...The very first lighting kit I ever purchased at beginning of my career was from Brian and Kev at The Flash Centre, Birmingham. It's 10 years later, and I have never had a reason to shop elsewhere for my kit. Their personal service, help and technical support is second to none.

Richard Miles

I had not realised that you got such great backup service when buying cameras from you guys. The free sensor cleaning alone** would be worth the extra money!! I cannot fault the service I have received from the guys at the Flash Centre.

Paul Rogers

As a pro - or any serious user for that matter – what you want most from the vendor is reliability, product knowledge both in terms of the equipment itself and its applications, and first rate support. By support I mean somewhere to go when things go wrong. The Flash Centre has all these qualities and more in abundance. They understand the pro user and the needs and demands that come with job. And in this climate they understand that our purchases have to be astute.


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