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Pixapro Stainless Steel C-Stand with Heavy Duty Boom Arm

by Pixapro
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PiXAPRO Stainless Steel Century C-Stand + Boom Arm

The PiXAPRO Stainless Steel Century C-Stand Boom Arm is a must-have accessory for any photographer or videographer. It can be used to hold a light, reflector, or other equipment, and the boom arm can be easily adjusted to reach whatever you need. The sturdy build and stainless steel construction make it durable and reliable, while the locking mechanism ensures that your equipment stays in place. The boom arm gives you extra reach to position your light or modifier exactly where you need it.

It has a robust build quality and can support loads of up to 10kg (8kg when weight mounted on the boom). The stand can extend up to 300cm, and the boom arm can be extended anywhere between 120cm and 220cm in length.

Key Features:
  • The PiXAPRO Stainless Steel Century C-Stand Boom Arm is a heavy duty, yet lightweight stand that is perfect for holding modifiers, reflectors, or lights.
  • The boom arm can be adjusted into different positions, and has a quick release mechanism for easy adjustments.
  • The stand is made of durable stainless steel, and has a non-slip rubber base to keep it in place.
  • It is easy to assemble and disassemble, and fits into a carrying case for easy transport.
Light Stand

Traditional 5/8” Spigot and Junior Pin: the most popular fixture for lights or flashes which covers the vast majority currently available on the market, with a maximum load capacity of 10kg. The detachable base also includes a 1-1/8” junior-pin receiver, for heavier lights such as Arri lights used in large productions.

Solid Stainless-Steel Construction: perfect for use in the studio with heavier light and modifier combinations, due to the solid stainless-steel construction.

Turtle Base Legs:  The turtle base legs have a large footprint diameter giving you a stable stand for your equipment and maximum stability.

Portable and Storable: can be extended to a full length of 300cm (118”), which can then collapse right down to 145cm minimum height, making it storable and portable, an all-round excellent stand to use for general use.

Detachable Base: To make transporting and storing the stand a little easier thanks to the unique varied leg heights to stack or nest the base, folding them flat.

Spring Loaded Dampening System: features a thick sturdy central column which has a spring-loaded dampening system preventing sudden drops to minimise the risk of damaging equipment or causing injury.

Boom Arm

Telescopic Design: features a 2-sectioned telescopic design, enabling it to be extended anywhere between 120cm and 220cm in length. 

Horseshoe Metal Style Hinge: features a horseshoe-styled metal hinge bracket, which enables you to set your boom to the angle that you require, then securely lock it into place using the metal grip handle.

Counterbalance Sandbag: includes a hardwearing sandbag designed to counter-balance the weight put onto the end of the boom preventing the stand from tipping forwards, injuring someone, or damaging your equipment.

Baby Pin Connector: features a standard 5/8” Baby-Pin connector, making it compatible with most of the studio lighting currently available on the market. Great for use with heavier light and modifier combinations.

Vendor: Pixapro