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Hollywood Portraits On-The-Go: Field Testing the Hobolite LED Range

Hollywood Portraits On-The-Go: Field Testing the Hobolite LED Range

by Christina Mitrea (TFC London)

In the fast-paced world of photography, having reliable and portable lighting solutions can make all the difference in capturing that great shot. While being a photographer who reaches for a flash for most of my images, I've decided that it was time to try something new, so I brought along with me the Hobolite LED system for my latest shoot, and I was not disappointed. In this field test, i'll delve into a few key aspects that will make these lights an essential addition to my toolkit.

Exceptional Portability: Hobolite Continuous Lights

One of the standout features of Hobolite continuous lights is their exceptional portability. Designed with the modern photographer and content creator in mind, the lights are lightweight and compact, making them ideal for on-the-go shooting. Whether you're a location-hopping photographer chasing the perfect sunset or a studio enthusiast who values convenience, the Hobolite lights ensure you never compromise on quality while staying mobile.

Compact and Stylish Lighting

While on the road, they pack in small and stylish cases (let's be honest - sometimes we just want something else other than that good old black gear bag), and the Hobolite Micro 8W LED will just fit in your pocket. This is the smallest light in the system and I ended up using it on the hot shoe on top of the camera, it complimented the main lights and gave a nice fill on the face of my model and on the back shadow.

Size and Power Options to Suit Your Photoshoot

For this particular shoot I've gone with a four light setup, utilising three of the four available lights in the Hobolite range: the two main lights were both Hobolite Avant 100W LEDs, one with an Avant 60cm Softbox, and one with an Avant Barndoor and Diffuser Dome (included in all Avant kits). The fill lights were a Hobolite Mini 20W LED with the Mini Barndoor and Mini Gels (included in all Mini kits!), and as mentioned above, I had a Hobolite Micro 8W Creator Kit on top of the camera. I shot in January during the evening, so had little to no natural light in the room. The fact that all the lights have the option to be battery powered was a huge advantage, as we were shooting in an old room and access to plugs was an issue

Soft & Focused Portrait Lighting

I wanted to start start with a soft light and a subtle, focused sidelight, so first I've had the Hobolite Avant Creator Kit with softbox positioned to the left of my model, and the second Avant light, with the barndoors, to right, slightly from behind the model. Hobolite LEDs are all bi-colour, so it's easy to match the light temperature of the light with any available light in the room, or create a particular atmosphere - hint *candlelit*

Use a Barndoor for Dramatic Effect

Soon after I switched to a more dramatic effect and had the Avant with barn-doors as the main light, with the Avant and softbox combo as a subtle fill. I've also added the third Hobolite Mini (I used the Mini Standard Kit) as a back highlight, with barndoors and a yellow gel. I've enjoyed all the accessories as they are magnetic and they are so easy to change, and the whole system integrates beautifully. The lights are crafted with compatibility in mind, allowing for the use of a wide range of light modifiers. From diffusers to grids, softboxes to colour gels, the system empowers you to customize your setup for any scenario, unlocking all lighting possibilities.

Vintage Hobolite Design

I will leave this as a last point as most of the time it's not something that it's taken into account when it comes to lighting, but in the case of Hobolite is a feature that cannot be overlooked: the lights are very good looking! The vintage design and the brushed side faux leather ensure they will look beautiful in any shooting scenario. Especially if you are a photographer who tends to shoot in a similar, vintage or luxurious looking location to the one I shot in, the look of the lights will make them blend in perfectly. You can even have them in the shot, no one will mind. And you might even make your subject feel as a classic Hollywood model.

Find Out More!

To find out more about the Hobolite range of LEDs for content creators, photographers and videographers, you can visit our website HERE. Alternatively give us a call on 02078375649 or email us on, and a member of our team will be happy to help! 

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