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What is Tethered Shooting?

What is Tethered Shooting?

Tethered shooting allows you to connect your camera to a laptop, allowing you to follow the progress of your images as you take the shots. By doing this, you can keep your workflow efficient and continuous when shooting with a team or a client, and is necessary if collaborating with a client or a teammate.

If you have recently started with tethered shooting, you may be surprised at the number of possibilities Tether Tools have unlocked, and how you can benefit from these with your current artistic process.

Why Should I Shoot Tethered?

Tethered shooting helps a range of types of photography, such as landscape, product, and portrait photography and Tether Tools have countless solutions for clients, so every photographer will be satisfied.

Shooting tethered is necessary when you are working with clients, or if you would like to work together as part of a team, as it permits you to collaborate in the decision-making process during the photoshoot itself, saving you considerable amounts of time. Read below for some of our best recommended tethered alternatives for any situation.

Food & Product Photography

When it comes to food and product photography, it is the details that matter most. Without tethers, you must rely on the tiny preview screen in your camera to check your photos. By tethering to a colour calibrated display, you can ensure the lighting is right, the subject is presenting the way you want it to, and fundamentally, whether the colour is correct, which is crucial for product photography.


Recommended products for food & product photographers:

Outdoor & Landscape Photography

It's clear that wireless solutions have an importance for outdoor photography. Thanks to Tether Tools' s wireless options, tethering can now be done in outdoor settings.

Landscape photography, particularly when restricted by time, often requires cameras with screens that are capable of displaying what you want in the here and now. Keeping an eye open is particularly significant when shooting outdoors, as unpredictable weather and lighting conditions could make it harder to monitor your viewfinder.

Recommended products for Outdoor & Landscape Photography:



Portrait Photography

Portrait photography may be another place to operate in tandem with your client. Once again, having the ability to tether to a larger screen is convenient in letting you (or your star) to view your photographs for the duration of the shoot. Any required modifications can be made quickly and efficiently after the shoot, which saves time in the post-editing process.

Wireless tethering is a sensible choice if you are wanting to minimize the wires on your studio floor. It's best when working with clients.

Recommended products for Portrait Photography:

Wedding & Event Photography

When shooting a party or wedding celebration, you might only have one opportunity to record the event because you don't want to discover out later that personal moments were recorded improperly. You don't want to discover that you couldn't record the events in full colour because of a camera's colour unadjusted or the lighting being unsuitable.

The ability to independently look into magnified images or videos is a great benefit that can assist you and your client to assess the final results of the shoot.

Recommended products for Wedding & Event Photography:

If you’re looking to get started with Tether Tools, the Starter Tethering Kits are suitable for anyone new to tethering. You’ll find everything you need in these kits, but if you’d like to find out more, feel free to get in touch and speak to our technical support team!

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