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Calibrite ColorChecker Target Holder

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Calibrite - Calibration done right.

Achieve accurate colours from capture to edit to print with a calibration chart. A calibration chart is a standardised reference which you use at the start of your shoot, which will then allow you to correct the colours during editing. Learn more about calibration with our learning guide.

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Calibrite ColorChecker Target Holder

Multi-size Target Holder 

This compact, sturdy, multi-size target holder is for any target sized 60 – 275mm. It provides a secure way to hold your targets in place for any shot.

The holder is fully adjustable with foam pads allowing you to hold ColorChecker mini, standard or Passport-sized charts safely and securely. Two ¼ inch screw threads allow securing the holder in different positions to keep your charts in shot, using articulating arms, flexible arms, ball head or other tripod thread style mounts.

Key Features:
  • The adjustable holder securely holds any targets sized 60 - 275mm. 
  • Two ¼ inch screw threads enable you to secure the holder in different positions. 
  • A compact, sturdy design
  • The holder is compatible with the following Calibrite ColorChecker charts:
    • Classic Mini/Classic/Digital SG/White Balance/Gray Balance Mini/Gray Balance/3-Step Gray Scale/Video/Passport Photo 2/Passport Video/Passport DUO 
  • ColorChecker targets not included
Vendor: Calibrite

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