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Calibrite ColorChecker Passport Video 2


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ColorChecker Passport Video 2

Colour Control for Photo & Video from Capture to Edit

ColorChecker Passport Video 2 is ideal for videographers and creatives seeking accurate and consistent colour. It includes four targets in a pocket-sized, protective case, making it versatile for video and still photography. Compatible with major video editing and camera calibration software, it streamlines the colour control process.

The Video 2 is compact (125 x 90mm), ready for any challenge. It includes:

  • Video Colour Target: Chromatic, skin tones, grey balance, and highlights/shadows for ideal colour balance.
  • Grayscale Target: White highlight, 40 IRE mid-tone grey, and high gloss black for perfect exposure.
  • White Balance Target: In-camera white balance for consistent neutral points, eliminating post-correction.
  • Classic Target: 24-patch reference target for custom camera profiles and visual assessments.
  • Camera Calibration Software (Photo): Custom profiles for DNG and ICC workflows.
  • Lightroom® Plug-In (Photo): Custom profiles directly in Adobe® Lightroom®.

Supported by DaVinci Resolve, 3D LUT Creator, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Lightroom, Hasselblad Phocus, and DxO Photolab 4.

The durable case adjusts for various positions, and a lanyard keeps it handy. The Video 2 ensures worry-free colour balance, reducing editing time and providing a consistent starting point for creative vision. It's a must-have for efficient capture-to-edit workflows.

Video Colour Target:

  • Chromatic Colours: Six chips for vectorscope alignment.
  • Skin Tones: Light to dark with subtle undertones.
  • Linear Grayscale: Six steps for even grey balance.
  • Highlight and Shadow Greys: Six patches, including high gloss black, capturing your video camera's full range.

3-Step Grayscale Target:

Enhanced grayscale for ideal video exposure, aiding exposure and contrast alignment between cameras.

White Balance Target:

Precise white balance for accurate colours, improving camera display and speeding up post-production.

Why can’t I use just any white object for white balancing?

White balancing on a piece of paper or another white element in the scene may seem like a simple workaround, but these objects are not neutral under all lighting conditions and certainly not consistent.

An inaccurate white balance will result in color casts and a lack of consistency between lighting conditions, making color corrections extremely time-consuming. It will slow down your post-processing as you attempt to fix the resulting color casts.

Classic Target:

Industry-standard 24-patch target for consistent, predictable colour at capture, supported by third-party software.

Camera Calibration Software:

  • Minimize colour differences between cameras and lenses.
  • Adapt for mixed lighting.
  • Match colour balance across scenes.

Dual-Illuminant DNG Profile:

Combines images under different light sources for a single profile, suitable for various lighting conditions.

Passport Case:

Rugged, portable case with adjustable positions, identification panel, and lanyard for convenience.

Number of Targets:4
Number of Patches::52
Target Size:109.0 x 63.5mm
Size of Passport:125 x 90mm
Humidity range:85% or less, non-condensing

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