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Canon RF 600mm f/4.0L IS USM Lens

by Canon
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Canon RF 600mm f/4.0L IS USM Lens

When you need to get really close, the magnification of this 600mm super-telephoto lens puts you right in the centre of the action – ideal for those shooting sports, action or wildlife. Image quality is simply sublime thanks to an advanced optical design that makes use of cutting-edge optical materials.

An f/4 maximum aperture lets you isolate pin-sharp subjects against a smooth out-of-focus background. Tracking fast moving objects, from athletes to birds in flight, is easy thanks to the lens’s advanced AF system, which features a ring-type USM motor and Power Doubled Focus Drive that increases focusing speed. A 5.5-stop IS system protects against camera shake¹ and tough L-series build means robust handling and resistance to dust and moisture.

Large f/4 maximum aperture

For excellent low-light performance and depth-of-field control

Image Stabilizer

Offers five stops of protection against blur from camera shake,* for razor sharp results in low light

Dual Power AF

A dual powered ring-type USM focusing drive is backed up by a high-speed CPU and optimised AF algorithms for quick, quiet focusing

Fluorite glass

The RF 600mm F4L IS USM makes use of fluorite glass in its construction for increased image resolution and contrast

ASC coatings

Even in tough lighting conditions, ghosting and flare is minimised by our Air Sphere Coating technology

Variable speed manual focusing

Three manual-focus speeds are available, for precise control. Full Time MF allows adjustments to be made without switch focus modes

Focus presets

Store two focus presets for quick recall, saving time when you need to react fast and letting you pull focus when shooting video

Native RF mount

The RF 600mm F4L IS USM attaches directly to your EOS R series camera without an adapter, letting you take advantage of its advanced image quality

Next level image quality

Image quality is stunning, even at the lens’s f/4 max aperture. Fluorite and Super UD glass controls distortion and boost sharpness. ASC and Super Spectra coatings minimise flare.

Nail critical focus when it matters most

The lens focuses quickly and confidently, keeping moving subjects in sharp focus. A Dual Power focus drive system draws more current from compatible cameras, for faster AF.

Great performance in less-than-great light

In bad light, the RF 600mm F4L IS USM still delivers, thanks to a large f/4 aperture and a IS system offering 5 stops protection from camera shake.*

Instinctive handling

Despite offering huge magnification, the RF 600mm F4L IS USM won’t weight you down you. Full-time MF lets you adjust focus instinctively. Customisable AF start buttons fall naturally under your fingers.

Built to inspire confidence

This L-Series lens is built to withstand the rigors of professional use, whatever the conditions. Whether you are on a rainy touchline or a dusty safari, you can shoot with confidence.

Dual Power Focus Drive

The RF 600mm F4L IS USM features a dual power focus drive. This means that the lens mount features a second power connection, so that more power can be provided by compatible camera bodies. This extra power is used to drive the focusing motor faster increasing focusing speed, letting photographers track faster moving objects and obtain initial focus more quickly.

Key Benefits:

  • Capture the action from incredible distances – ideal for wildlife, sports, and action photography
  • Native RF mount design means this lens works seamlessly with the EOS R series without an adapter and is compatible with RF 1.4x and RF 2x extenders for extra reach
  • Create shallow depth of field with constant f/4 aperture, which emphasises your subjects against a smooth, blurry background
  • Weighing just 3090 g, this lens is designed to be lightweight and portable, making it easier to transport and use on location
  • Autofocus is swift and accurate thanks to a ring-type USM motor, enhanced AF algorithms and a Power Doubled Focus Drive that increases focusing speed with compatible cameras
  • Outstanding image quality right across the frame, thanks to fluorite and Super UD glass that tackle aberrations and ASC and Super Spectra coatings that reduce ghosting and flare
  • Manual focus can be adjusted without the photographer having to take their eye off the subject or change focus modes, thanks to a full-time manual focus override
  • Shoot handheld and in low light, thanks to a 5.5-stop Image Stabilizer that protects against blur from camera shake¹
  • Instinctive controls are found easily at your fingertips, such as focus-preset buttons that recall a pre-programmed focus distance instantly
  • Keep shooting in poor conditions, thanks to weather sealing and robust build quality

What's in the box

  • RF 600mm F4L IS USM Lens
  • Lens Dust Cap RF
  • Drop-In Screw Filter Holder 52 (WIII) with 52mm Protect filter
  • Lens Cap E-185C
  • Lens Hood ET-160 (WIII)
  • Lens Soft Case LS600
  • Lens Wide Strap B
  • User Manual
Vendor: Canon

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