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Elinchrom Deep 125cm White Umbrella

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Elinchrom Umbrellas - Unsurpassed Quality, Affordable Price.

The 125cm umbrella is a versatile light shaper with a lot of uses. The deep straight sides to this umbrella provide a lot more control than a conventional brolly. Due to its size, it will provide a soft light quality when used close to the subject. The further away you take it the light gets harder and more contrasty. The optional diffuser turns this umbrella into the perfect softbox for the travelling photographer!

Umbrellas are renowned for their ease and speed of use, but not all umbrella systems are equal. The wide angle internal reflector within each Elinchrom light source smoothly illuminates the complete surface of all umbrellas. Contributing to this is the exceptional quality of Elinchrom's carefully selected fabrics. Once combined with the unique central umbrella tube location on Elinchrom flash heads, these elements together deliver an affordable quality of light which is unsurpassed. Elinchrom deep umbrellas are manufactured using 16 fibreglass rods to maintain a perfect circular shape. By simply adjusting the position, the deep shape offers fantastic Control of the light spread. In addition, these umbrellas can be transformed into "fold-up" softboxes by adding for example, a translucent cover to a silver umbrella, or a silver/black cover to a translucent umbrella. This White umbrella is often chosen for its slightly warmer tones and softer shadow transition. The Elinchrom deep umbrella line offers six new deep-shaped umbrellas in 105 cm and 125 cm, silver, white and translucent.


  • Heat resistant fabric
  • 16 fibreglass rods for circular shape
  • Total control of light spread
  • Approximately 105cm point to point
  • 7mm shaft
  • Includes Umbrella Sleeve
  • Optional diffuser for versatility

Unsure which umbrella to go for? Head over to Elinchrom's website HERE for a full explanation on the different lighting effects and a side by side umbrella comparison.