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Elinchrom Rotagrid Octa 175cm 30 Degree


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Elinchrom Rotagrid Octa 175cm 30 Degree

Rotagrid is an optional accessory that gives visual creators the ability to reduce light spread with more control and precision than ever before. With Rotagrid attached to Rotalux, a new style of lighting becomes accessible.

For all Rotalux

A compatible Rotagrid is available for every size and shape of Rotalux Softboxes; ranging from Square, Recta, Strip and Octa to Elinchrom’s signature shape, Deep Octa.

30° Beam Angle

Control the spread of light or add new style to your images.

Rigid & Tough

Constructed from a durable, lightweight fabric Rotagrids are structured to retain shape over time and maintain accuracy.

Quick Set-up & Take-down

Rotagrids attach swiftly via hook and loop fasteners and fold down flat for storage and transport.

Keep Safe

All Rotagrids include a storage pouch with clear labeling to help keep things organized and accessible.

Double Diffusion? Add a Front Diffuser Mk II

The Mk II front diffusers offer Velcro on the outer black frame, to hold a Rotagrid firmly in place. This is particularly useful when using a grid on a bigger Rotalux and makes the Rotagrid more secure on the softbox, when an external diffuser is required for additional diffusion.

Note: The Mk II Front Diffuser has been included with all Rotalux Softboxes since late 2019. For softboxes purchased before this time, a Mk II diffuser may be needed when using a Rotagrid. If you are unsure which version have, please call us.

Vendor: Elinchrom

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