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Godox BDR-W55 Pro Beauty Dish 55cm White

by Godox
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Godox BDR-W55 Pro Beauty Dish 55cm White

The Godox BDR-W55 Pro Deep White Beauty Dish is crafted to meet the demands of professional beauty, fashion, and portrait photographers seeking vibrant lighting with enhanced contrast. Positioned between softboxes and standard reflectors in terms of softness, beauty dishes offer softer light than standard reflectors but greater contrast than softboxes. This makes them an ideal choice for highlighting facial features, skin texture, and clothing details. Tailored for commercial cosmetics, hairdressing, skincare advertising, e-commerce, and general portraiture, the BDR-W55 is your go-to beauty dish.

Deep Parabolic Design

The BDR-W55 Pro Deep White Beauty Dish distinguishes itself with a deeper, more parabolic design, delivering focused and contrasted lighting that allows your subjects to stand out in your photos.

White Interior for a Warmer Glow

Featuring a white interior, the BDR-W55 produces a warmer, more diffused light compared to its silver counterpart. This results in images with reduced specularity, making it a favorable choice for beauty, skincare, and general portraiture photography.

Aluminium Construction for Durability

Constructed with aluminium, the BDR-W55 ensures durability and reliability, making it an ideal modifier for studio-based photography.

Desirable Circular Catchlights

Beauty dishes are renowned for producing circular catchlights, a coveted feature in beauty and portrait photography, adding a spark to your subject's eyes for a lively photo.

Diffuser Sock (Sold Separately)

The BDR-W55 Pro Beauty Dish offers and optional diffusion sock (sold separately) that easily slides over the modifier's outer edge, diffusing light for softer and more forgiving illumination with reduced specularity and contrast.

Honeycomb Grid (Available Separately)

Opt for the separately honeycomb grid to reduce light spread, creating dramatic and contrasty lighting. The honeycomb grid effortlessly clips onto the beauty dish's front.

Bowens S-Type Fitting

Equipped with the popular Bowens S-Type fitting, the BDR-W55 Deep White Beauty Dish ensures compatibility with a wide range of flash brands. It can also be paired with speedlites and bare-bulb flashes using the S2 Smart bracket (available separately).

Vendor: Godox

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