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Godox Grid for QR-P70 Parabolic Softbox

by Godox
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Godox Grid for QR-P70 Parabolic Softbox

The Godox P70-G honeycomb grid is crafted for compatibility with the Godox QR-P70 Deep Parabolic softbox, allowing you to control the light spread and enhance image contrast. It effectively prevents unwanted light spill onto specific areas of your set, such as the background. This grid is particularly useful for commercial, fashion, beauty, food, product, and portrait photography, making it an ideal choice for on-location photographers.

Enhanced Light Control

Attaching easily to the inner rim of your QR-P90 deep parabolic softbox using a hook and loop fastening system, the P70-G Honeycomb Grid, sometimes referred to as an Egg-Crate, limits the spread of light. This feature proves valuable in avoiding undesired spillage onto areas of your set, ensuring focused illumination for low-key images.

Key Features:

  • Restricts the spread of light, preventing light from spilling on unwanted areas.
  • Ideal for low-key photography
  • Designed for use with the Godox QR-P70 70cm Parabolic Softbox

Minimises Lens Flare

This honeycomb grid serves to decrease the chance of lens flare in your photos when your softbox is directed towards the camera (note: it does not prevent lens flare if the light source is aimed directly at the camera). Perfect for achieving desired lighting effects and maintaining control over your photographic or cinematic endeavors.

Vendor: Godox

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