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Godox ML-CD15 Omni-Directional Diffusion Sphere for Godox V1, AD100 & AD200 Round Flashes

by Godox
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Original price £25.99
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Godox ML-CD15 Omni-Directional Diffusion Sphere with Mounting Set

The Godox ML-CD15 Silicone Omni-Directional Globe Diffuser transforms the harsh light of a bare-bulb flash or COB LED light into soft, diffused, omni-directional light. It’s perfect for on-location photography, weddings, events, and even small spaces in real estate photography.

Made from silicone rubber, it is highly flexible, offering various lighting qualities such as full 360° omni-directional lighting, wide 180° lighting, or more dramatic lighting, all from the same modifier. The ML-CD15 comes with multiple mounting adapters, making it compatible with traditional speedlites, roundhead speedlites, and flash and LED lights with a Godox fitting.

This modifier is ideal for photographers and videographers who shoot on location or at events, or anyone needing a small, discreet light modifier.

Key Features:

  • Compatible with speedlites, round-head, or Godox fitting lights
  • Soft, omni-directional lighting
  • Versatile lighting styles from one modifier
  • Made from durable silicone Rubber


The ML-CD15 Omnidirectional Globe Diffusion is crafted from silicone rubber, making it soft, flexible, and easy to fit into small spaces, which means it won't take up much room in your camera bag. It's perfect for photographers or videographers who frequently shoot on location and need a small, discreet modifier.

Shape Your Light

The collapsible design of the ML-CD15 Omni-Directional Diffusion Dome allows you to shape the light in various ways. Fully open the light dome for 360° omni-directional illumination, push in the back section for 180° illumination, or push in the front section for more dramatic lighting.

Multiple Mounting Options

The ML-CD15 Omni-Directional Globe Diffusion includes three mounting adapters, making it adaptable to a variety of lights. One adapter is for lights with the Godox bayonet fitting, such as the Godox ML LED series and the AD300Pro. Another adapter is for round-head lights like the V1 Speedlite, the AD100Pro or the AD200/AD200Pro with the H200R round-head attachment. The third adapter fits most speedlites, including the Godox V860 series.

Vendor: Godox

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