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Godox P128 Parabolic Light-Focusing Softbox Kit

by Godox
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Godox P128 Parabolic Light-Focusing Softbox Kit

The Godox P128 Parabolic Light-Focusing Softbox Kit is crafted to meet the demands of professional studio photographers. Through precise engineering and a 24-sided true parabolic design, this reflector elevates your lighting possibilities. The focusing pole system makes it a breeze to create both hard and soft lighting with a single modifier, adapting to your light's position within the reflector. Ideal for commercial, portrait, fashion, beauty, fine art, and advertising photography, this isn't your typical lighting modifier.

Key Features:

  • True parabolic design for precision light focusing
  • Adjustable light positioning for versatile looks
  • 24-facet design creates circular catchlights
  • Low-profile mount adapter ring for maximum light efficiency
  • Compatible with various flash brands
  • Includes single density and double density diffusers
  • Includes honeycomb grid
  • Comes in a padded carry case

True Parabola:

The True Parabola design precisely focuses strobe light, enabling various looks with one modifier. The focusing pole ensures the light is centrally positioned within the parabola, guaranteeing optimal light distribution.

How It Works:

The light from your strobe points to the back of the softbox, reflecting outward to your subject. The light's position determines its reflection, allowing different light qualities from one modifier.

  • Inner Position: Focused beam, high contrast.
  • Most Focused Position: Maximum output efficiency with smooth light fall off.
  • Outer Position: Diffused light, soft and glowing with less contrast.

24-Facet Design with Low Profile Adapter

Close to a perfect circular light source, providing even illumination, with minimal light blockage for maximum efficiency.

Easy to Set-Up:

Unique easy-open mechanism. Simply insert the two opening leavers into the mechanism, and squeeze them together, for a smooth opening experience. Once the Parabolic Reflector is open, simply attach the PF-M Mounting bracket to the reflector and insert the central pole into the PF-M Bracket.

Mounts to any Heavy-Duty Light Stand:

Compatible with 5/8-inch baby pin or 1-1/8-inch junior pin receivers. Secure mounting with anti-rotation mechanism and built-in fail-safes.

Compatible with a Range Flash Brands:

Available in various fittings, such as Bowens S-Type Fitting, Godox Fitting, Broncolor Fitting and Profoto Fitting. There is also a bracket enabling the Parabolic Reflector to be used in conjunction Godox Ring Flashes.

Secure Mounting:

Two built-in fail-safes, to help prevent your flash head from falling to the ground. The main Rod features an anti-rotation mechanism, preventing the flash head from rotating whilst mounted to the central rod.

Portable Padded Carrying Bag:

The Godox P128 Light-Focusing Softbox Kit comes in a padded carrying bag for hassle-free storage and transportation.

Includes Steel Lighting Stand

  • Heavy Duty Construction - Sturdy steel construction with a 20kg maximum load capacity.
  • Large Footprint - Wide-leg footprint for stability.
  • Wheeled Base - Smooth-rolling caster wheels with brakes for easy mobility and secure positioning.
  • Adjustable Height - 3-tier extension, ranging from 107cm to 220cm.
  • Safety System - Spring-loaded dampening system on the central column to prevent sudden drops.
  • What's included:

    • 1x Parabolic 128 Softbox
    • 1x Strobe Mount Adapter
    • 1x Focusing Rod PF-R870
    • 1x PF-M Focusing Mount
    • 1x Steel Safety Cable
    • 1x Carrying Bag
    • 1x PB-G1 Grip Handle Set
    • 1x Single Density Diffuser
    • 1x Double Density Diffuser
    • 1x Honeycomb Grid
    • 1x Heavy Duty Steel Lighting Stand
Vendor: Godox

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