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Godox P2400 Kit Power Pack Kit with 2x H2400P Flash Heads

by Godox
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Godox P2400 Power Pack Only

The most powerful lighting unit from Godox, the P2400 Studio Flash Power Pack, boasts an impressive 2400Ws power output. It offers unparalleled flash durations and recycle times to ensure you capture key moments with precision, and offers remarkable power control to meet diverse lighting requirements. Ideal for commercial, advertising, fashion, lifestyle, and sports photographers.

Key Features:

  • Impressive 2400Ws power output
  • Designed for use with up to two H2400P Flash Heads
  • 10-Step power, 32 channels, 16 groups
  • Wired or wireless triggering, 1000' range
  • Super fast 0.7 second recycling at full Power

Unmatched Light Control

The P2400 Studio Flash Power Pack provides an exceptional adjustable range from 1/1 to 1/512 with 10th-stop increments, allowing power adjustments down to approximately 4W when needed. Its flash duration ranges from 1/200s to 1/10860s, making it perfect for capturing sharper, higher quality images, even in motion, catering to various photography genres such as dance and sports.

Incredibly Powerful

Featuring a remarkable maximum power of 2400Ws, the P2400 Studio Flash Power Pack excels in shooting over long distances.

Lightning-Fast Recycling Time

The P2400 Studio Flash Power Pack boasts super-short recycling times, including an incredible 0.7s recycle from full power. Never miss those crucial moments.

Remarkably Fast Flash Duration

With a super-short flash duration of up to 1/17,800s, the P2400 allows precise motion capture in incredible detail. The addition of a "Freeze" mode enhances the flash duration, making it perfect for dance and sports photography.

Exceptional Colour Consistency

The P2400 Studio Flash Power Pack offers an amazingly accurate colour consistency of 5600±75K, ensuring accurate colour and minimal post processing, perfect for commercial and product photography.

Dual Flash Head Attachments

The P2400 Studio Flash Power Pack accommodates one or two flash heads to create a single or twin lighting setup. Each flash head can be set together, or have unique power configurations using only a single power pack.

Built-In Flash Receivers

Equipped with two built-in receivers (433MHz and 2.4GHz), the P2400 Flash Power Pack can be used with almost every GODOX trigger. The 2.4GHz receiver enables compatibility with the Godox XPro flash triggers, allowing remote control of flash power and other features The 2.4GHz system supports Canon, Nikon, Sony, Olympus, Panasonic, Fujifilm, and Pentax cameras with full TTL control, and can also be used manually with other camera brands like Hasselblad, Leica, and PhaseOne.

Godox H2400P Flash Head for P2400 Power Pack

The H2400P Studio Flash Head Attachment is crafted for use with the Godox P2400 Flash Power Pack, harnessing its formidable 2400Ws power output. Ideal for commercial, advertising, fashion, lifestyle, and sports photography, this flash lighting system excels in various settings.

Key Features:

  • Capable of delivering up to 2400Ws of flash power
  • Zoomable lighting
  • 60W LED modelling light
  • Bowens S-Type mount

Adjustable Studio Flash Head

Equipped with an adjustable dial on the unit's side, this flash allows for zoomable lighting, granting precise control over light intensity and range.

LED Modelling Light

Featuring a built-in 60W LED modelling light, this flash head delivers brightness equivalent to a 300W halogen lamp. This enables you to replicate the light emitted when triggering the flash, providing an accurate preview of your final shot.

Bowens S-Type Mount

This Studio Flash Head features a Bowens S-Type mount as standard to allow this to be used with a wide range of different lighting modifiers, offering a wide range of creative options to choose from.

Power Output:2400Ws
Flash Duration (Fastest):1/17,800s (T0.1)
Recycle Time (Fastest):0.7s at Full Power
Power Adjustment:10 Stops in 1/10th Power increments
Colour Temperature Stability:±75K over Full Power Range
Flash Modes:Manual / Multi-Flash
Delay Flash:0.01 ~ 30s
LED Modelling Light:60W
Optic Receiver Flash:S1 / S2
Flash Duration Indication:Yes
Display:3.5” Colour Screen
Power Supply:AC Power Supply
Energy – Saving:Can be set to power off automatically after 30/60/120 minutes
Sync Triggering Method:3.5mm Sync Cord
Dimensions:330mm x 287mm x 202mm
Net Weight:Approximately 11KG

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