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Godox R2400 Ring Flash Head for P2400 Power Pack

by Godox
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Godox R2400 Ring Flash Head for P2400 Power Pack

The Godox R2400 Pro Flash Ring Head is a powerful 2400Ws ring flash, specifically crafted for use with the Godox P2400 pack system. It easily attaches directly to your camera, delivering soft, nearly shadow-free illumination for a distinctive edgy-fashion aesthetic in your portrait photography. The versatile P2400 pack's 10-stop power range allows this ring light to function both as a primary light source and as a subtle fill light. Ideal for studio and on-location shoots including portraiture, beauty, fashion, product, and food photography, it also excels in specialised fields like photogrammetry due to its on-axis shadowless light characteristics.

Key Features:

  • Delivers an impressive 2,400Ws of power
  • Direct camera mounting for soft, near shadow-less illumination
  • Mitigates harsh shadows, imparting an edgy-fashion look to portraits

2400Ws Ultimate Power Ring Flash

The R2400 Flash Ring commands an impressive 2400Ws of flash power, positioning itself as the ultimate choice for fashion, beauty, portrait, and lifestyle photography. This remarkable power allows shooting at small apertures, capturing maximum detail in your photographs. The distinctive ring-shaped flash tube creates unique catchlights in the eyes, setting your images apart from the rest.

Speed & Consistency

Leveraging the Colour Accuracy and Speed capabilities of the P2400 Pack, the R2400 ensures reliable performance, whilst flawlessly freezing motion. Perfect for dynamic fashion and lifestyle shoots.

40W LED Modelling Light

Featuring a bright 40W LED modelling light, the R2400 Flash Ring enables easy previewing and framing.

Mounts to More Than Just Your Camera

Unlike traditional ring flashes exclusive to on-camera use, the R2400 can be mounted on a light stand with the included UBB-020 Umbrella Bracket. Additionally, it can be affixed to the Godox Parabolic Reflector system when coupled with the MB-02 mounting bracket (Sold Separately).

Multiple Light Shaping Options

Enhancing flexibility, the R2400 integrates seamlessly with various light shapers. The BD-09 series Honeycomb grids (available in 40°, 30°, and 20°) restrict light spread, ideal for low-key images. The R2400 is also compatible with the RFT-21 Series reflectors, offering diverse lighting effects. The RFT-21S Silver reflector yields intense light with more contrast, while the RFT-21W White reflector provides a natural diffused quality.

What's Included:

  • 1x R2400 Ring Flash Head
  • 1x FL-02 Foldable Camera Bracket
  • 1x UBB-02 Umbrella Bracket
Flash Power:2400Ws
Guide Number:64m @ ISO100 (with RFT-21 reflector)
Colour Temperature:5800±200k
Working Temperature:-10°C - 50°C
Modelling Lamp (LED):4300±200k; 40W
LED Brightness:10,200 lux (@0.5m at full brightness)
Diameter of Central Opening:107mm
Net Weight:1.8kg

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