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Godox S85T Quick Release Umbrella Softbox 85cm

by Godox
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Original price £79.00
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Godox S85t Quick Release Umbrella Softbox 85cm

The Godox S85t Umbrella Softbox has an umbrella-like quick-release mechanism, allowing it to be set up and taken down in seconds. This versatile modifier offers a soft yet focused light quality. With its two layers of diffusion, the Godox S-T Series can also be used with an optional deflector plate, turning it into a collapsible beauty dish. An optional honeycomb grid is also available, offering a variety of lighting styles with one modifier. Ideal for portrait, fashion, beauty, wedding, and event photography.

Key Features:

  • New, more compact design than to its predecessor
  • Produces soft, uniform lighting
  • Two layers of diffusion
  • Easy to set up and break down

Compact Size, Unlimited Possibilities

The S85t Umbrella Softbox has a shallow design, almost half the depth of standard softboxes of this kind. It's perfect for home studios or tight spaces where every centimetre of space is valuable.

Customise Your Light

This versatile softbox can be used in many ways. It features both an internal and external diffuser. Use both for soft, even lighting, or one diffuser for soft light with added contrast and specularity. An optional honeycomb grid is available for more control over light spread.

Lightweight Beauty Dish

With the optional deflector plate and its silver interior, the Godox S85t can also function as a lightweight, collapsible beauty dish. It provides soft lighting with added punch and specularity.

Quick-Release Mechanism

The Godox S85t's umbrella-like opening mechanism makes setting up and breaking down the softbox quick and easy. It also has a zip near the mounting ring, allowing the softbox to collapse without removing the front diffusers, saving you even more time.

Compact Speed Ring

The S85t speed ring is designed to be as small as possible, making storage and transport easier, and taking up less space than typical softboxes of this type.

What’s Included:

  • 1x S85t Softbox
  • 1x Inner Diffuser
  • 1x Outer Diffuser
  • 1x Carry Bag
Vendor: Godox

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