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Godox SN-04 Snoot with Grid for AD300Pro & AD400Pro

by Godox
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Godox SN-04 Snoot for AD300Pro & AD400Pro

The SN-04 Conical Snoot with Honeycomb Grid is designed for use with the Godox AD400Pro, and is compatible with the AD300Pro when coupled with the AD-AS Adapter (sold separately). This light modifier creates a compact, focused beam of light, ideal for highlighting and enhancing specific aspects of your subject. The included grid adds versatility by limiting the light's dispersion even more. A must-have tool for studio photographers engaged in portrait, beauty, fashion, product, and food photography, as well as for general studio applications.

Key Features:

  • Perfect for enhancing hair lighting in portrait and beauty photography
  • Versatile for crafting spotlight effects
  • Effectively focuses and narrows the light spread
  • Comes with a honeycomb grid for additional control over light dispersion

Ultimate Light Control

The SN-04 Snoot is designed to focus the light from your AD400 Pro or AD300 Pro down to a small, soft edged circular pool of light. Perfect for accentuating specific elements of the scene or creating a luminous sphere on your background.

Honeycomb Grid

This snoot is equipped with a honeycomb grid to further limit the light's spread, making it perfect for instances when you require an exceptionally compact pool of light.

Vendor: Godox

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