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Hama 58mm Coated UV Filter

by Hama
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Hama 58mm Coated UV Filter

Elevate your photography with the Hama 58mm Coated UV Filter, a must-have for avid photographers seeking clarity and protection. This UV filter enhances photo quality and safeguards your lens with brilliance.

The Hama 58mm Coated UV Filter is specially designed to protect your camera lens while significantly enhancing image quality. By filtering UV rays and removing haze, this filter produces clearer, sharper images with a professional appearance. The protective shield ensures your lens remains pristine, defending against grime and scratches that could compromise image quality.

Perfect for both black and white and colour photography, this UV filter enriches photo contrast by absorbing ultraviolet rays without affecting visible light balance. The double-sided lens coating minimizes flare when shooting towards bright light sources, ensuring optimal image clarity in various conditions.

Key Features:

  • UV Protection: Absorbs ultraviolet rays, ensuring clear and sharp photos
  • Defensive Shield: Protects the front lens from scratches, dust, and fingerprints
  • Neutral Colour: Maintains the natural colour balance of your images
  • Coating: One layer on each side for optimal performance
  • Quality Standard: Crafted from optical glass for superior image clarity

Impact on Pictures:

  • Clear, sharp photos with improved quality
  • Reduces haze and prevents fuzziness for professional results
Filter Thread:58 mm
Filter Type:UV Filter
Metal Mount:Black
Mount Thickness:3.4 mm
Special Feature:Front thread
Type:UV Protection Filter
Type of Glass:Optical Glass

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