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HiGlide 3m Lite-Lift Pantograph

by HiGlide
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HiGlide 3m Lite-Lift Pantograph (BW-2636)

The BW-2636 HiGlide 3 metre Lite-Lift Pantograph is the backbone of our system. UK designed and manufactured. Ideally suited to modern flash lighting or LED fixtures for photography and video work.

The HiGlide Lite-Lift Pantograph extends from 40cm (minimum) to 300cm (maximum) and includes two constant force compensator springs, a safety cable, and a spring removal key.

Important Notice: Self-installation of the HiGlide system is undertaken entirely at the risk of the individual. If professional installation is required, please contact TFC for a quotation:

Key Features:

  • Top Attachment - 5/8‚Ä≥ (16mm) female receiver
  • Bottom Attachment - 5/8‚Ä≥ (16mm) male stud
  • Maximum payload - 9kg, or 14kg with third spring (purchased separately)
  • Minimum payload - 2kg
  • Maximum extension fully - extended 300cm (3m)
  • Minimum closed length - 40cm
  • For use with HiGlide Systems to suspend lights from above
  • Constructed from mild steel for superior strength and stability
  • Compatible with any HiGlide System
  • Secured by supplied steel safety cable
  • Powder coated durable finish
  • Made locally in the UK

Support your studio lighting fixtures simply and securely with the HiGlide 3-metre Lite-Lift Pantograph. Designed to be used in conjunction with the space-saving HiGlide Ceiling Rail System.

Kit Includes:

  • 1x 3m max length Pantograph frame
  • 2x constant force compensator springs to hold a maximum of 9kg
  • 1x 16mm (5/8") double ended male spigot with 3/8" and 1/4" male thread
  • 10x Bands to secure HiGlide 10amp power cable
  • x1 Safety Cable to hold a maximum of 15kg
  • x1 Spring removal/adjustment tool

Simply attach the Lite-Lift Pantograph to one of our Single Carriages and you have full movement of your lighting fixture in any area of space that you desire. The included constant force compensator springs are designed to support your fixture and lighting modifier allowing the lightest of touches to raise, lower, or move in any direction your creative desires, keeping your studio floor clear of stand and cable clutter.

The HiGlide Lite-Lift Pantograph can handle a maximum payload of up to 14 kg using the optional spring (sold separately). Made from durable and strong powder-coated mild steel to provide years of constant use. It weighs 3kg and has a closed length of 28cm, making it easy to tuck away in the ceiling while not in use, but being able to extend to a maximum length of 120cm, this pantograph makes maximum use of your studio space and is ideal for studios with lower ceilings, or where extra headroom is required. Our 1.2 metre Lite-Lift Pantograph is supported by the 16mm / 5/8‚ÄĚ female receiver that attaches directly to our Single Carriages.

Designed to keep the suspended loads perfectly balanced, your lights will remain stable and secure. Easily adjust the Pantograph friction by simply adjusting the two Constant Force Springs to another attachment point to increase, or decrease the payload.

Perfect for studio photographers looking to free up studio space and add a professional touch to their studio environment, this Pantograph will take your HiGlide Ceiling Tracking System to the next level. Made in the UK with the highest standards of quality.

Our HiGlide Lite-Lift Pantographs are designed to withstand the tests of time and keep your gear secure during its long lifespan.

Please note: All HiGlide LiteLift Pantographs are supplied and fitted with constant force springs. No matter where the pantograph is situated in its travel, either fully extended, or fully closed the force remains constant, so the utmost care has to be taken in altering, or replacing the springs.

Remove the need for lighting stands and trailing wires. The HiGlide rail system increases your shooting space and transforms your studio into an efficient working environment

Vendor: HiGlide

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