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HiGlide 6 Wheeled Single Carriage

by HiGlide
Original price £69.60 - Original price £69.60
Original price £69.60
£69.60 - £69.60
Current price £69.60

HiGlide 6 Wheeled Single Carriage (BW-2628)

For heavier items, the HiGlide Six-Wheel Carriage ensures smooth operation. This HiGlide 6-wheeled Single Carriage allows our LiteLift pantographs to be fixed to your Moveable HiGlide Floating Rails allowing for unrestricted lateral side-to-side movement.

Heavy duty for heavier lighting fixtures. A lighter duty 4 Wheeled Single Carriage is also available.

Important Notice: Self-installation of the HiGlide system is undertaken entirely at the risk of the individual. If professional installation is required, please contact TFC for a quotation:

Key Features:

  • 6x Roller Wheels ensures smooth operation
  • Compatible With Any HiGlide System
  • Heavy Duty Design
  • Made in the UK
  • Max load 50kg

All HiGlide Rails have the same profile, meaning this Carriage will attach to any genuine Bowens HiGlide System. The Single Carriage is used to attach LiteLift Pantographs or even allows direct fixing via the 16mm 5/8" Male Pin.

Floating movable rails should be locked with one Double Brake Carriage to stop lateral movement, but still allow forwards, backward and pivotable movements. This is done to stop rails from sliding and hitting walling, and or curtains. Where a 'fixed support rail' crosses a ‘floating movable rail’ a double carriage is required.

Remove the need for lighting stands and trailing wires. The HiGlide rail system increases your shooting space and transforms your studio into an efficient working environment

Vendor: HiGlide

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