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Panasonic HC-X2000E 4k 60p Camcorder

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Original price £1,849.00
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Panasonic HC-X2000E 4k 60p Camcorder

Packed into a compact body, the Panasonic HC-X2000 Camcorder enables high-quality 4K 60p recording and achieves high-spec optical performance, excelling in both functionality and mobility.

Key Features:

  • UHD 4K Video
  • 5-Axis Optical Image Stabilisation
  • Built-in ND filters & LED Light
  • Dual manual lens rings
  • Compact body with heat dispersing design
  • Functional design
Panasonic HC-X2000 Camcorder

The integrated lens offers a remarkably powerful, optical 24x zoom that ranges from 25mm wide angle to 600mm tele (35mm equivalent). i.ZOOM achieves 32x at 4K resolution, and 48x at FHD. The 4-Drive Lens System drives the four lens groups independently, thus achieving the optical 24x zoom. With a LEICA Dicomar Lens, stunningly beautiful images are produced while suppressing flaring and ghosts. Two Manual Rings are utilised, one for focusing and the other for zoom or iris operation. Built-in ND Filters can be selected from 1/4, 1/16, 1/64, and Clear.

High-speed, high-precision autofocus

Face detection helps you keep the focus on your main subject, even if it's facing sideways to the camera. Distance and exposure are precisely tracked, incorporating the live data read-out from the sensor and sophisticated colour recognition.

Compact body with heat-dispersing design

A heat-dispersing design including a thin, newly-developed fan has enabled this camcorder to achieve reliable, extended shooting. It functions by pulling in air from the rear panel of the camera and efficiently dispersing heat from the front panel, allowing the construction of the industry's smallest and lighest 4K-60p camcorder, with a very low power consumption.

5-axis HYBRID Image Stabilisation

In addition to the Optical Image Stabilisation (OIS) in the lens, Electronic Image Stabilisation detects and corrects camera shake. The lens OIS system reduces friction and improves the correction of the blurring caused by natural hand held camera shake.

Full HD-Live Streaming and Wireless control

RTSP/RTP/RTMP/RTMPS-compatible HD streaming enables direct connection and distribution to Facebook, YouTube etc. Additionally, a Wi-Fi module is built-in, so Wi-Fi connection with only the body is achievable. Using a tablet or smartphone app, HC ROP, wireless camera settings and lens control are also possible.

Built-in LED Video Light

The built-in LED video light is very bright, perfect for reliable shooting in dimly lit places (70 lux at 1 metre). The dimming dial on the handle can be used to easily dim the brightness, ranging from 100% to 30%

Vendor: Panasonic

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