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Sunbounce Sunswatter Pro 4'x6' -2/3Stop Complete

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Sunbounce Sunswatter Pro 4'x6' -2/3Stop Complete

The Sunswatter Pro 4'x6' Kit is a complete overhead diffusion system, designed to shade your model in bright sunlight. It is extremely fast an easy to setup so it is perfect for location and wedding photography where you may need to move your subjects around many locations quickly. The Sunswatter allows you to utilise the hours of the day with the harshest sunlight by softening and eliminating hard shadows.


The patented frame is super lightweight and extremely stable. Constructed from anodised aluminium and cleverly designed, the frame can be collapsed in seconds to fit into a bag (included). The crossbar integrated into the frame enables the Sunswatter Kit to be clamped or held in a number of different ways comfortably, either by hand, or when attached to a tripod or boom. When supporting this frame via a clamp we recommend the California Sunbounce Swatty Pro Griphead.


The design of the frame and stretch material of the screen combine to ensure the reflecting surface stays taught and perfectly flat, guaranteeing reliable and even light. The Translucent 2/3 screen decreases exposure by 2/3 f-stop. It is perfect for use in moderate to bright sunlight as it filters and diffuses the light more strongly than the 1/3 translucent screen. Ideal for eliminating harsh shadows and creating some direction to the light.

Material:Aluminium, Cloth
Size:130 x 190cm
Type:Reflector Kit
Weight (g):2600

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