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First Impressions & FAQ: Hobolite LEDs Now at The Flash Centre

First Impressions & FAQ: Hobolite LEDs Now at The Flash Centre

At The Flash Centre, we're always on the lookout for cutting-edge gear to enhance your creative journey. We're thrilled to announce our newest addition: Hobolite LED Lights! These stunning, high-quality LEDs are perfect for content creators, photographers and videographers, looking for a special creative touch.

The Hobolite product range is designed to cater to a wide spectrum of lighting needs. From the compact and portable Micro to the versatile Mini and the power of the Avant or Pro, there's a Hobolite LED light for every creative scenario. The kits are configured to offer a seamless experience, combining lights, modifiers, and accessories to suit different applications. Whether you're setting up a professional studio, embarking on outdoor shoots, or vlogging on the go, Hobolite kits are thoughtfully crafted to provide you with the perfect lighting solution.

The Hobolite Micro is small enough to fit in your pocket!

Hobolite Micro - The Pocket Rocket

The Hobolite Micro is a tiny titan, designed to fit right in your pocket while delivering big results. Weighing in at only 235g, and with a removable li-ion battery, this bi-colour LED is the perfect tool for creators on the go. Whether you're an, a vlogger in need of portable lighting, or a filmmaker looking for that perfect fill light, the Micro is your new best friend.

The Micro doesn't compromise on features, despite its small size. We love the LCD screen and dual battery slots

TFC Recommends: We can’t look past the Micro Creator Kit in terms of value for money. Including three batteries, a charger, barndoor set, and six magnetic mount colour filters, you get loads of creative tools in this nifty little kit.

Hobolite Mini kits come with this great barn door attachment and diffusion dome

Hobolite Mini - Your Versatile Companion

Weighing under 500g (including the built in rechargeable battery!) and packing 20W of power, the Hobolite Mini provides professional lighting, superior performance and optimised portability when you need it. Much like its Hobolite LED counterparts, the Mini is meticulously crafted from aircraft-grade aluminum. Paired with its faux-leather accents, this combination sets a gold standard for build quality. The Mini exudes style, but also offers amazing functionality and unwavering reliability.

TFC Recommends: Like the Micro, the Hobolite Mini also has a Creator Kit option, but for those of you with tripods or v-mount accessories already at home, the Mini Standard Kit might represent better value for money and includes only the essetnail creative tools.

The Hobolite Avant is both powerful and portable

Hobolite Avant - Your Ultimate Studio Essential

For those seeking a lighting solution with ultimate control, the Hobolite Avant is sure to impress. Offering 100W of power and a wide colour temperature range from 2700K to 6500K the Avant is optimised and designed for portability, quick set up and overall on-location mobility. Powered either from the mains, or via the Hobolite 95Wh V-Mount battery, the Avant also features an integrated V-Mount quick-release system that allows seamless attachment to a range of accessories for versatile use.

The controls couldn't be easier to use. App control from Android or iOS is also available for all models

TFC Recommends: While Avant AC Kits are an option, battery power offers exciting opportunities for the Avant. Explore the versatile AC/DC kit choices: the Standard AC/DC Kit includes essential accessories or the comprehensive Creator AC/DC Kit features a softbox, carbon fibre light stand, and more.

The 360 degree yoke and Bowens modifier mount are great touches on the Hobolite Pro

Hobolite Pro - A Masterpiece of Lighting

The 300W Hobolite Pro is the crown jewel of the lineup. With its powerful 300W bi-colour output and impressive CRI, it's the go-to for commercial and hybrid shoots. The precision 360-degree yoke, Bowens mount adapter, wireless LCD control panel, and dual V-lock battery support (that accepts most v-lock batteries, not just Hobolite proprietary batteries, see the FAQ below for more details) sets it apart as the professional's choice for both photographers and videographers.

TFC Recommends: With a continuous light this powerful, expect about 90 to 120 mins of full power battery from a couple of standard v-lock batteries. If battery power is a must, we recommend having at least four batteries to hand and you’ll get a couple in either of the Pro AC/DC Kits. If you only intend to use in the studio the Pro Creator AC Kit includes a Bowens mount softbox with grid, and a lightweight carbon fibre lighting stand.

The Flash Centre's First Impressions

Unboxing these lights has certaintly been exciting! The combination of sleek design, exceptional build quality and practical performance really make these a joy to use. Price wise, these lights aren’t for every budget, but they are obviously made of high quality materials, and have an attention to detail you’d normally see in Apple products, making them a sophisticated addition to the lighting world. Combine that with mobile app control, impressive portability and carefully thought-out battery options in every model, and we can quickly see this becoming a favourite light tool for image conscious creatives.


We thought it might be useful to summarise the (predicted!) frequently asked questions in one place. If you don't find the answer to your question below, please get in contact. We’ll be sure to respond ASAP, and update this FAQ so that everyone can benefit from the answers.

What's the difference between the Hobolite Micro, Mini, Avant, and Pro? Each model offers varying levels of power, and portability. At one end of the range, the Micro is pocket-sized and offers 8W of power, while the Pro 300W and best suited to the studio environment. The Mini and Avant bridge the gap, catering to different needs.

Can I use Hobolite lights for video and photography? Absolutely! Hobolite lights are versatile and suitable for both photography and videography.

Do these lights come with colour temperature adjustments? Yes, all Hobolite lights offer adjustable 2700K to 6500K colour temperature settings to suit your desired lighting ambiance.

Are these lights portable? Yes, the Micro and Mini are highly portable and come with onboard batteries. The Avant and Pro, whilst power powerful only weigh 1.2kg and 3.6kg respectively, making them perfect for on-the-go content creators.

What's the lifespan of Hobolite LEDs? Hobolite LEDs have a long lifespan, often exceeding 50,000 hours of use.

Are there any modifiers available for these lights? Yes, there is a range of compatible modifiers and accessories available for Hobolite lights. The Micro, Mini and Avant all have proprietary mounting systems, but a range of accessories to suit. A Bowens mount adapter is for the Avant and the Pro comes with a built in Bowens mount, allowing for a range of accessory options from brands such as Nanlite, Godox, Phottix and more

Do they come with a warranty? Hobolite products come with a 2 year warranty.

Are these lights suitable for beginners? Yes, Hobolite lights are for beginners due to their simplicity and ease of use. App control from Android or iOS make these some of the simplest lights to adjust wirelessly that we’ve ever come across.

What power source do they use? All Hobolite lights are both mains power and battery power compatible. The Micro and the Mini come with batteries as standard, or can power via USB-C. The Avant and Pro AC kits come with the necessary accessories for mains power, while the AC/DC kits also include Hobolite V-Mount batteries.

Can I use third party batteries with Hobolite LEDs? Yes, The Micro and Mini can be charged via any USB-C power source, including power banks, if you need more juice than supplied by the proprietary batteries. The Avant is compatible with any battery 13V+ with a D-Tap output, and the Pro is compatible with and V-Mount (also referred to as V-Lock) battery 13.5V+, provided there is no proprietary software in the battery limiting it's usage with third party lights. If you need any further info on battery compatibility, please contact TFC and we will do our best to help!

Where can I see Hobolite lights in person? Visit your nearest The Flash Centre store or our website to explore the Hobolite range in person or online.

We had to use a Lastolite vintage background for our in-store photo shoot. Anything else just wouldn't do these aesthetics justice!

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