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Organising your photo shoots: Tether Tools' top tips to keep things in order

Organising your photo shoots: Tether Tools' top tips to keep things in order

In today's world of digital photography, especially when working in a studio, it's easy to find yourself surrounded by a tangle of cables and technology. However, there are simple solutions available to help you declutter your workspace and prevent potential equipment damage. Let's explore some practical tips to keep your shoots organised and hassle-free.

1. Illuminate your path

Studio environments can be quite dark during a capture session, making it challenging to navigate safely. Tether Tools has come up with a clever solution: the popular bright orange cable, designed to be highly visible even in low-light conditions. By using this cable, you can focus on your work rather than constantly watching your step as you move around the studio.

2. Protect your connections

The risk of damaging camera connections and computer ports is significant, especially when multiple people are involved in a shoot. Tether Tools has developed a range of products to safeguard you and your equipment while streamlining your workflow.

Keep your cables together!

Maintaining a safe environment for everyone present is crucial. When dealing with multiple cables, it's important to keep them organised and secure to prevent accidents and tangling. Tether Tools' ProTab cable ties offer a reliable solution by keeping all cables neatly aligned from port to port. Unlike generic tape, these cable ties don't leave any sticky residue and are reusable up to 10,000 times per tie. With a pack of 10 ties you'll have plenty for your studio projects.

TetherGuard Cable Management

TetherGuard products provide robust security for your electronic devices, specifically focusing on safeguarding your camera's connection ports.

TetherGuard Extension Lock: to maintain a reliable cable connection with uninterrupted signal transmission, the TetherGuard Extension Lock is your go-to solution. It provides added protection and security for your cables, giving you peace of mind during your shoots.

TetherGuard Camera Support: this innovative tool ensures that your camera's charging cable stays securely in place, minimising the risk of damaging the camera connection. A broken cable could potentially lead to expensive repairs or the need for a new camera altogether. The TetherGuard Cable Support offers durability, reliability, and ease of installation, providing peace of mind for protecting your devices.

TetherGuard Cable Support Ties: to relieve strain on your ports and cables and ensure a seamless file transfer, the TetherGuard Cable Support Ties offer a practical solution. These ties secure the connection at both the computer and camera ports, protecting them from accidental disconnection.

TetherGuard Tethering Support Kit: if you need to secure a cable to a table or workstation, the TetherGuard Tethering Support Kit is the ideal choice. It features a unique magnetic breakaway system, allowing you to lock the cable or magnetic breakaway with a 10 lb break strength. With the Lock and Dock system, you can ensure every cable stays connected, each port remains undamaged, and every image is securely transferred.

3. Go with the most secure solution!

For an even more secure cable management option, consider using a TetherBlock. This innovative device ensures that your cable remains firmly secured underneath your camera. It comes in two versions: one with an ARCA connection and another without, providing versatility to suit your specific needs. With the TetherBlock, you can confidently protect your cables and maintain a stable connection throughout your photography sessions.

4. Longer cables may help commercial shoots

Standard 4.5m cables may fall short for some digital photographers, especially during large commercial shoots. Luckily, Tether Tools now offers 9.4m cable solutions that provide constant data transfer and signal strength. Packaged in a convenient carry case, these extended cables make transportation a breeze.

5. If in doubt, secure it with a strap!

Is your power bank always floating around your setup, at risk of being damaged? The Tether Tools StrapMoore provides a versatile solution for securing your power bank, audio boxes, laptops, power bricks, and other accessories. With adjustable straps and GripperElastic lining, the StrapMoore keeps everything in place and easily accessible.

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