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Calibrite Display SL

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Calibrite Display SL 

Display calibration made easy

  • An advanced SL (standard luminance) sensor for current LCDs
  • Recommended for still image and video editing with industry-standard settings
  • Easy to use and powerful Calibrite PROFILER software for Mac and Windows OS
  • USB-C connection (with USB-A adapter included)
  • Calibrate multiple displays connected to the same computer 
  • Travel and storage pouch keeps your device safe from dust and damage
  • Smaller, fully recyclable packaging
  • Not sure which calibration tool is right for you? Then click here for a helpful comparison chart

You care about your images, designs, and content; it’s your creative vision, and we know you want to share it with the world. Whether it’s your family photos and videos or a paying job, whether using a laptop or desktop display, you want to be sure the files you edit are the best.

If your display is not calibrated and profiled, you can’t rely on the colour contrast and brightness of the image. When your display is not accurately representing the file, your edits may be incorrect or unnecessary. If you’re going to spend time editing your images or videos, don't you want to make sure you're enhancing your work and your edits are worthwhile?

So, if you’re looking for an easy-to-use device that ensures the colour on your display is accurate, then the Calibrite Display SL is for you! Its advanced SL (standard luminance) sensor delivers incredibly consistent colour with zero stress, letting you stay focused on doing what you love.

The Calibrite Display SL connects to your computer via USB-C (USB-A adapter included) and comes with a handy travel and storage pouch.

Key Features

Display Calibration

Calibrite and profile all modern laptop and desktop monitor technologies, including LED, Plasma, RG Phosphor and Wide Gamut. The Calibrite Display SL achieves a 30% faster calibration with Calibrite PROFILER software than with previous software (i1Profiler and ccProfiler).

Intelligent Iterative Profiling:  in simple terms, allows your profile to be as accurate as possible every time you use this solution. 
Multiple Monitor Profiling: Colour correct up to four separate displays powered by one computer (based on your graphics card capability).

Projector Calibration

Now your projected presentations can display your work in the best light and colour possible. Thanks to our projector profiling, you can easily create a custom profile for a projector or large panel display directly from your laptop in just a few minutes. The profiling process accounts for all room conditions, including projected colours, screen colour, and ambient room lighting, ensuring that your presentation looks exactly as you intended. With this technology, you can confidently showcase your work and know that people will see it exactly as you want.

Vendor: Calibrite

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